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Welcome, McFly | Pet : Wysteria | LP : 45,214  

6:40:54 am LST

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Welcome to Leopets!
Welcome to Leopets
Leopets® is a fan site of the very popular game of Neopets! We are a small community who all enjoy the old style of Neopets. You can create pets, chat on the leoboards, play games, participate in contests, and more. And it's completely FREE!

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What is Leopets?
A neopets fansite where we draw, create stories, and just chill out and relax.

The purpose?
Originally intended to improve the original creators PHP and MySQL skills. Its popularity grew and grew!

This site is constantly under development and as such there WILL be bugs.

Todays Birthdays!

Rainbow Square - Reproduce the Pattern!
Scorchy Slots - Teaching kids to gamble!
Hide n Seek - Find your pet!

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Latest News!

None! :-(

We have a Calendar!
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Meerca Chase
Marble Madness
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